About The Sibley Company

The Sibley Company is located in central Connecticut and was founded in 1913 as a specialty hardware manufacturer and continues as a family held manufacturing business under 3rd generation management. Sliding contact products to include flush surface contact encoding disks and small slip rings started production in the mid 1950's with much of that work being for defense and automation.

The primary product of disk or "pancake" slip rings in a wide variety of custom designed configurations is our core expertise and business. All of our slip rings are specially designed and manufactured to meet the exact electrical, mechanical and operating conditions for each application. Particular attention is made to the mechanical design of the slip rings to provide our customers with a "drop-in fit, plug and play ready" component for their products or application. We do not produce stock or catalog size slip rings due to the infinite differences in electrical and mechanical factors that exist with the wide variety of slip ring requirements we encounter.

Slip rings can be provided as components consisting of a slip ring with a mating brush block set, or as a modular self-contained unit with integral ball bearings. Self contained slip ring units can optionally be supplied to carry external thrust or radial loads as feasible by the overall design of the unit.

Split construction slip rings are supplied for on-site assembly around a shaft or center structure that is not feasible to remove for the installation of a conventional through bore slip ring. Most of our split construction slip rings have an inside diameter of 6 inches (150 mm) to 40 inches (1000 mm). Larger and smaller bore split slip rings can also be supplied to include specific mechanical features for optimum ease of assembly and best fit within the existing design or engineering concept of the end product.

Most of our slip rings are used for O.E.M applications, however we provide many one-off or small quantity production lots for scientific, research, prototype and unique requirements.

The typical production lead time for a new design slip ring and mating brush block assembly is approximately 5 weeks after customer approval of the production CAD drawings supplied after order placement and before production begins. New self-contained slip rings have a typical production lead time of 6 to 7 weeks after customer approval of CAD drawings after order placement. Production drawings are generally supplied within a few days after an order is received for a new design slip ring.

The Sibley Company is a production oriented business with a "get it done" attitude. We do not waste time with visions, paradigms, or other verbiage that does nothing to benefit our customers. Customers inquires by phone are answered by a real and knowledgeable person, not by a frustrating automated answering machine. Quoted costs are based on a time and materials basis according the design, materials, specifications, production lot quantities and other considerations for the manufacturing process. Our purpose is to supply cost effective, reliable products to our customers within a prompt order manufacturing cycle. Slip ring inquiries are always welcome.