Self-Contained Slip Ring

Self-Contained Slip Rings

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Self contained disk type slip rings provide very low stack height along with a through bore for use with center shafts, rotary joints, optics and any other axial assembly. Slip ring bodies may be supplied in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, acetyl-copolymer or other composite materials. Integral ball bearings provide for smooth mechanical operation along with maintaining correct alignment of the slip ring conductors. Multiple brush contact points are used on each ring conductor to provide extremely low dynamic noise for clean signal quality along with high reliability operation over a long product life time.

Miniature slip rings utilize conductor rings on 1mm centers to minimize diameter and height. Signal and power conductors can be combined on the same miniature slip ring to provide full function to the rotating part of the unit. Uses include video pan & tilt, robotic joints, data channels in rotary fluid couplings, and any other application where minimum component size is essential.

Multiple brush contacts are used on each conductor track to keep electrical noise very low while providing long, trouble free wear life. Compact slip rings can be supplied in slip ring and brush block ring sets for assembly onto an existing bearing assembly or supplied in a self-contained unit with wire harnesses or connectors as needed. Self contained miniature slip ring units can be provided in PVC, Delrin ( DuPont tm), aluminum or steel enclosures with a variety of bearing options.

Compact slip rings with 1 mm pitch conductor rings are normally for lower RPM operation or intermittent higher speeds such as on a servo motor. Miniature slip rings can accommodate 3 Amps power typically and often are supplied up to 10 Amp power capacity by utilizing two or more track spaces for each power channel. Typical miniature slip ring sets are in the range of 5 to 30 conductors that combine both power and data channels.

The brush blocks are typically mounted on a mating ring configuration with three or more contact points of the same or similar size to the slip ring. Brush rings or blocks can be provided in irregular shapes specifically designed to meet the exact mechanical requirements of the shaft assembly. Mounting hubs with bores at very close tolerance dimensions can also be supplied for component electrical slip rings and brush block sets. Compact slip ring and brush block sets typically have a stack height of .215 inches (5.5 mm). Self contained slip ring units are typically in the range of .60 to 1.1 inches thick (15.3 to 27 mm thick).